Image of Dyoplus team member Susanne Zellmer

'Susi' Susanne Zellmer

Co-founder of DYO+ and one of the creative heads of the company. “I am a German designer, a keen cook, a nature enthusiast, and an entrepreneur trained in Paris. After founding and running my own advertising agency for 24 years, my life took a major turn and brought my family and me to the USA, where I began studying at the International Institute of Naturopathy. This new path inspired me founding DYO+ with Pat.”
Image of Dyoplus team member Patrycja Horodyska

'Pat' Patrycja Horodyska

Co-founder of DYO+ as well as an experienced professional in public policies, alumni of executive education at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School, and keen skier and tennis player! “This project is a new adventure for me. I have spent the last twenty years living, studying and working around the world. Now settled with my family in the USA, I’m excited to be working with our team on DYO+.”
Image of Dyoplus team member Melinda Koob

'Robin' Melinda Koob

Copywriter and Social Media Manager for DYO+ as well as a New Jersey native. “I lived and worked abroad as an educator, writer, and musician before settling in England. In the wake of a major life transition, I found myself working for an organic farming cooperative and beginning to refocus my life around health and the environment. Knowing Susi, who I met during my time in Germany, I was gladly brought onto the DYO+ team.”
Image of Dyoplus team member Anna Thüring

Anna Thüring

Researcher and Content Creator for DYO+ as well as a fellow health buff and traveler. “I am currently obtaining my Masters in the field of Corporate Communication. While I am still studying, I am excited to be playing a supportive role amongst this amazing team of women. Along with my skills in video production, I am a passionate cook, and a trained yoga instructor, two skills that I know will be welcomed by the DYO+ team.”
Image of Dyoplus team member Svenja Raetzsch

Svenja Raetzsch

Film production graduate and Web Developer for DYO+, Svenja is a sports enthusiast and a fellow animal lover. “I’m particularly captivated by sea life and all its creatures; that’s why I trained as a dive instructor. I am currently completing my studies in Web Design and Development in Vienna, but I am so pleased to be a part of the DYO+ team and look forward to seeing what we’ll be able to accomplish together.”