Our Values

Food Safety Policy 

“Your health. Your beauty.
Our world.” 

We aspire to create products of the highest quality, defined by research and crafted for their full effectiveness to support a natural approach to your health, appearance, and well-being.
We aspire to offer you a business approach based on sincerity and sustainability, supporting change for a brighter future with a view towards social justice and environmentally conscious action.
Welcome to an attitude of mind that promises both positivity and integrity. Welcome to a business that is brave yet considerate. Welcome to DYO+.


Food Safety Policy 

“Food safety and quality are an essential
part of the company policy.
We are aware of our role in the food chain.”

Food safety and quality are an essential part of our company’s mission and as creators of consumable goods, we take this responsibility seriously. To guarantee the high quality and safety of our products, we have worked closely with our manufacturer, putting in place criteria-lead processes for precautionary measures and plans to ensure food safety. For all our products, we can attest to not simply complying with applicable laws and regulations, but also meeting our own high standards of quality.


Product Quality

“At DYO+, we guarantee that you will receive products of high German quality!”

Our items come with the promise of carefully prepared, high-dose plant extracts and essences, continuous development from qualified pharmacists, and production using modern equipment in the controlled laboratory of our manufacturer – all to ensure you get the most effective product possible.



“We love the environment!”

At DYO+, we stay as sustainable as possible and strive for low environmental impact. Each product is delivered in custom glass bottles, ideal for protecting the valuable ingredients inside. Our boxes are also manufactured from responsibly harvested FSC® certified paper without print finishing, making everything you receive from us easy to recycle!


“We love transparency!”

Everyone deserves openness about the products they use. Here at DYO+ we have the utmost confidence in our manufacturer, awarded ECOfit status for its commitment to corporate environmental protection.
And if you have any other questions for us don’t hesitate to get in touch: info@dyoplus.com.


What's important to us:

  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  • Renouncement of questionable ingredients
  • Limited but effective ingredients to reduce risk of allergies and intolerances
  • Sustainability
  • Environmentally friendly and minimal packaging
  • Cruelty free production and animal welfare