DYO+ The new brand bringing Beauty and Health to the US market.

DYO+ The new brand bringing Beauty and Health to the US market.

A monthly, ready-to-drink, supplement system made with your health and our world in mind.

Atlanta, March 2021:

Spring is on its way and after a hard year, we’re ready for a new chapter. If you’re looking for a fresh start, welcome DYO+, the eco-friendly, female-founded start-up, ushering us into an era of liquid health and beauty with its first two signature products: My Immune Boost and My Skin Glow.

My Skin Glow is a beauty drink designed to work from the inside out, stimulating the skin’s natural production of collagen, while My Immune Boost is a pure health tonic providing essential nutrients needed to help maintain the body’s natural defences through any tough times.

These two balanced beverages are excellent news for all those striving for a new natural approach to wellness!

The nutritional support your system needs with My Immune Boost

My Immune Boost is a perfectly balanced two-pronged approach offering a careful selection of valuable ingredients to supplement your daily diet: vitamin C, B6, A, E, D3, chromium, zinc, and coenzyme Q10, all chosen to support a well-functioning immune system and metabolism.
Intended for over 17s, a monthly supply arrives perfectly packaged with two unique blends for weekday and weekend consumption. The two distinct formulas consider the body’s absorption rate, ensuring no need for unnecessary emulsifiers, and are followed each week by one ‘day of rest’ designed to trigger your system into continuously extracting nutrients.

Beauty comes from within with My Skin Glow

DYO+ has tapped into the power of Bioactive Collagen Peptides (VERISOL®)*, Patented by GELITA AG, the world's leading supplier of collagen proteins in the food, health, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries.
This tested peptide has been shown to improve skin’s softness and elasticity as well as assist in the advancement of healthy hair and nail growth. Combined with precious minerals, vitamins and moisture-enriching hyaluronic acid, My Skin Glow helps achieve and maintain a youthful glow after only 4 weeks of regular use.

Two founding friends

Patrycja Horodyska and Susanne Zellmer are the two international masterminds behind DYO+, having first met in Atlanta after moving there with their families. It wasn’t long before they discovered their shared passion for naturopathy. 
"We both felt there was something missing in the US, a truly natural option for beauty and wellness…something convenient, delicious and with top marks for high bioavailability,” says Susanne. 
"We basically wanted to create something we would want to use ourselves,” adds Patrycja, “…and by making all-in-one bottled drinks, we’ve kept it clear and simple.” 
The products are available online at dyoplus.com and with each unit purchased, you can look forward to not only an investment in your own wellbeing but a bit of the planet’s as well. In collaboration with the charity, One Tree Planted, the ladies of DYO+ are living up to their vision of health, beauty, and sustainability with the promise of planting one new tree for each unit sold all along the Appalachians, where it all began.

DYO+ Your Health. Your Beauty. Our World.

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