Top health tips every German knows to stay well in winter.

We could all use a new perspective now and then, and looking at different cultural solutions can often be just the thing for inspiration. When it comes to healthy habits, Germany is famous for its popular methods of protecting themselves against illness, everything from the common cold to Covid-19!

Check out some popular German health customs below.

Open the Windows!

If you’ve ever visited ol’ Deutschland, you’ll know that everyone loves their fresh air. At home, at work, and in every café or bar, you’ll find a fresh breeze blowing through two windows…even in winter! It may sound a bit chilly, but it’s a common belief that having consistent air circulation keeps your body strong. Even Angela Merkel, the country’s long serving Chancellor, recently praised this traditional habit for helping hinder the spread of a certain global virus. So…get those windows open and embrace the breeze!

Keep it Moving!

In summer or winter, rain or shine…a simple walk is just divine! In Germany, the practice of ‘Spaziergang’ or ‘a simple walk’ comes highly recommended. On any given day, from big cities to small villages, you’ll see the local population clearing their heads, seeking out nature, and all the while, boosting both their spirits and their immune systems.

Unwind after Work!

Germans have a unique gift for drawing the line between work and home time with the practice of ‘Feierabend.’ While this word has many different translations, it is most commonly used to describe that wonderful period of time after a full day’s grind.

It’s all part of the natural rhythm of life: exertion then recovery. You can’t have one without the other, and in Germany this leisure time can take on many delightful forms:  How about an evening bike ride or ‘Spaziergang’ with friends? Get involved in a game of football at your local club, head to the outdoor festive markets for a hot drink, or just kick back with your family with a cold beer and a board game. Whatever it is, making the conscious decision to begin a routine dedicated to fun and relaxation is an important step in managing our stress and overall mental well-being.

If you’d like to learn more, check out this BBC Article all about ‘Feierabend’.