Summer Self-Care Road Trip Essentials

Summer Self-Care Road Trip Essentials

‘All you need is a wheel in your hand and four on the road’

Well…and a few more things before you ride off into the sunset. Road trips are classic and symbolize our freedom, our spirit, mobility, and love for odd road-side attractions…but nothing can make an epic trip go south like being ill-prepared. 

Besides the basic car kit gear ( spare tire, jumper cables, gas tank, tools…roadside assistance!) keeping yourself running is top priority. As such…

1. Fluids & Cool things.

It’s not just bad for your car to overheat…you need to keep cool too …and not only from gas station soda in long-travelled plastic bottles. Put in a little advance work and get yourself a cooler for all your essentials, from fresh water and fruit to skin care and….DYO+ supplement drinks, of course! There’s no reason your skin and immune health should take a hit once you hit the road.  

2. TP & Textiles

Toilet paper! Don’t get stuck hiding behind your car door on the roadside without it.  It’s not just for your rear end, either. TP is great for a sweaty brow, sneezing out the dust from the dry lands or as a napkin after some gourmet road-side delights. Wet wipes are also a good shout as long as you don’t plan on clogging the drains of each town you pass through .Please never flush wet wipes…even the ones that say they’re flushable. They aren’t.

Bring a spare towel or two as well. Besides its obvious uses, it could magically turn into a curtain or blanket…for picnics, beaches, or just warmth!  

*A Side note on basons or bins:  Keeping your car de-cluttered is a nice bonus and really, who likes sitting in their own dirty laundry or trash for too long? Sure, you could use a spare plastic bag but…treat yourself! 

3. Soaps & Skincare

More things to keep in that cooler we mentioned before! But seriously, you don’t want to be reliant on road-side restrooms for your sanitary needs. Bar soaps and shampoos are actually great for travel. They’re compact, can be kept in small cases, last ages, and don’t litter the surrounding the area with unnecessary trash. Explore the wonderful world of shampoo and conditioner bars while you’re at it. Use the fresh water in your cooler, your empty laundry bin, and you’ve got yourself a makeshift bath or laundrette.  At the very least, bring some hand sanitizer with you!

In terms of skincare, stick to the basics for a summer trip. Your favorite foamy cleanser and lightweight moisturizer…and SPF! I don’t care how cute your freckles are, we all need UV  protection.

4. The little details

Flip-flops, blister packs, and gum. All easy little things to forget, but if you do remember them, these tiny additions can be real life savers across far distances.

 It doesn’t have to be flip=flops but having some kind of simple slide on sandal for quick store runs, communal shower spaces, and the late-night trips behind a tree…really helps.  

And gum? Well, you’d be surprised. It’s great for when you’ve run out of time and water for brushing your teeth, but depending on where your journey takes you, having something spare to chew on can really help with altitude changes.

The blister packs speak for themselves, especially for anyone else reading this who’s had a long walk breaking in a pair of shoes that really rub you the wrong way. 

5. Entertainment

Bring options! If podcasts are your thing, make sure to have a variety of shows ready to go. Audiobooks or actual books for those in the passenger seat? I know you’ll have a lot of time on your hands, but now’s not the time to conquer that one heavy tome you’ve been meaning to read for years. Bring that copy of Moby Dick if you must, but a few thrillers or trashy romance novels don’t hurt to have in the mix. Go ahead and read some Kerouack while you’re at it!
It sounds like a lot of stuff, but  whatever you decide to bring along with you on your travels, sometimes all you really need is good company and a full tank.
Safe travels!

Your health. Your beauty. Our world.


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