Seaside Benefits

Seaside Benefits

Oh…I do long to be beside the sea-side.’

…and for good reason! If you’ve ever strolled in the warm glow of a sunset, the gentle sound of the waves in your ears, toes in the sand, and the salty fresh air in your lungs…you know the incredible sense of well-being that washes over you. But did you know there’s some very real health benefits to being amidst the ocean air?

18th century elites knew it, sipping and steeping in cold salt water for hours on end. For the Victorians, seaside time was a costly cure-all for those afflicted with a host of everyday medical issues, from the digestive to the cognitive, and nowadays there’s quite a bit of science to back them up! 


Beach body benefits

Ears: Research shows the mere sound of waves can lull you into deeper sleep patterns and as we know, better sleep means better health.

Skin: Besides the natural exfoliation your feet get from strolling in the sand, the salt and potassium chloride found in sea-water are both natural healers for any abrasions you may have.  Your skin’s hydration and elasticity improve from magnesium filled sea-water, and the likely exposure to more sun can help with skin complaints like psoriasis, though we still recommend UV protection for your beach days!

Body: For any beach strollers, walking in sand is a great counter-balance exercise, working your whole lower body to stay stable on the soft, uneven ground. If you end up in the water itself, you’re looking at an incredible full-body workout that can improve your circulation and boost your immune health.  Seaside swimmers activate a plethora of in-bult healing mechanisms, fighting conditions like arthritis, asthma, bronchitis and even general aches and pains.

Lungs: Ocean air is doing its part for your health as well. The negative ions in sea air have the handy knack of accelerating the absorption of oxygen, which in turn balances your serotonin levels, helping improve mood and stress. This is one of many possible reasons why we tend to feel more relaxed after a beach retreat. 

The Placebo Effect?

Relaxing on a beach holiday is cliché for a reason. It really works. For now, first-hand experience seems to be our best bet at de-stressing but new studies are coming out every day to see if just looking at images of the ocean can make us more susceptible to healing. While it could be easily argued that, like in the Victorian era, the data surrounding seaside home ownership are skewing the results, there is enough evidence today to suggest that even the economically disadvantaged beach-town locals are far healthier than their inland neighbors.

So, whether it’s a quick road trip or a long holiday, take a tip from the old-timey know-how the Victorians had and book yourself some beach time this summer, and don’t forget to pack your DYO+ supplement drinks!

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