Mental Health

Mental Health

4 Top Tips for Finding Happiness

Happiness. It’s something we’re all striving for and defining for ourselves day by day. We all have the right to its pursuit, but do we really need to chase it?

In a world moving at a breakneck pace, it’s all too common to feel overwhelmed. Feelings of anxiety trick our minds into focusing on danger and before we know it, we’re worn out and drowning in a sea of negativity.  

It’s easy to say that we need to look on the bright side or find solutions, but when we’re foraging for joy in the wrong place to begin with, escaping the tailspin becomes an even bigger struggle.

So, let’s take a moment and ask ourselves: How should I hunt for happiness?

1. Work from the inside out. 

Do you find yourself thinking…:

‘If I just had…I’d be happy.”


‘I’ll be ok once I do…’

Having tangible goals can certainly contribute to contentment, but by focusing on external factors only, we’re missing a trick. Your reality won’t always match up to your expectations and staking your joy on being able to control the outside world is a recipe for frustration.

So no…we can’t control the weather, we all have bad hair days, your boss might be a jerk and your neighbor might always complain about your music, but that doesn’t mean we should give up and leave everything to chance!

Instead, let’s talk about what we can do, and what we can do is find ways to grow our sense of self from within. You can train your mind to become happy, and it’s not just a mantra to recite or a lie to tell ourselves. 

Happiness is a state of being that takes practice.

2. Mindfulness. Forgive your feelings. 

We can’t stop ourselves from feeling sad and it’s a waste of energy to try. Everyone has dark thoughts at times because it’s natural. 

But instead of worrying further about our feelings, accepting the sad side of the spectrum means you can focus your energy on the response instead. Simply noticing yourself entertaining negative thoughts can slow down the spiral and make space to readjust your perspective.

All you need is one little pause to smile at yourself, breathe, and give yourself a reminder about what is good.

Don’t get us wrong, though. Noticing your own behavior takes work and self-awareness. Just remember to be patient with yourself as you go.

3. Embrace the bad days. 

We all have bad days. Heck, we all have bad weeks!

Everyone makes mistake and while it’s important to take responsibility, letting it eat you up inside doesn’t do anyone any favors. 

So, apologize for what you need to, forgive yourself and move on. Wallowing just a bit with a good pamper session, comfort food, and chat with a close pal means you can really let yourself feel bad before letting it go, like a metaphorical hug.

Just remember: Tomorrow is a fresh start with no mistakes in it. 

4. The gift of living in the present.

It’s easier said than done, but one simple way many people are able to obtain long periods of peace is by finding a flow state. When doing something, anything, give it your full attention and before you know it, nothing else matters.

The past is in the past and the future will take care of itself. You live now and whatever you’re doing or working on now is all there is. 

By all means, take the time to look forward to an upcoming vacation. Think back to the nice dinner you had with your kids. But if there’s a mountain of work to be done, delegate some time to a to-do-list, then work your way through one task at a time.

A lot of joy can be had by doing one thing, really well. 

Closer than you think. 

So please remember: Happiness isn’t being perfect. It’s not something in the future we only reach by struggling now. It’s not smiling at every moment. It’s not something others can give you, and it’s certainly not something that needs to be chased.  

Chasing happiness will only take you further away from it because happiness is right where you are. You just might need to adjust your perspective to find it.


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