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My Immune Boost


“I bought My Immune Boost, and I love it! I keep the bottles in my kitchen, so drinking the Mango-Orange Shot has become part of my morning routine. It tastes great, and the weekend elixir does too. It seems to have a note of honey. I feel fantastic, so I’ve been considering using My Immune Boost twice a year as a 3-month intensive treatment

Steve Cull

“I’ve been using DYO+ My Immune Boost for several months now. Not only super easy to use, affordable, and tasty, but knowing that you get that boost of vitamins and minerals from a reliable source is very comforting. The owners of the brand are passionately committed to health and well-being, and I know they’re laser focused in their commitment to quality.”

Dean Avary

"I bought My Immune Boost because of the stress I'm under at work. The drinks taste lovely, actually. The weekly ones are like a tropical juice, and the weekend one is a bit sweeter. I've been taking them since the company started, and I've been feeling stronger and more awake. I've even noticed an improvement in my concentration at work. I'll definitely stick with it."

Patty L.

My Skin Glow


I love using My Skin Glow and have noticed my face feeling much more hydrated and therefore a little bit less wrinkly! I really love that only natural and raw ingredients are used and that it’s stored in an amber glass bottle. The packaging is gorgeous too. The products are a little bit expensive but well worth it!  I was really pleased to learn that DYO+ is part of One Tree Planted. They plant a tree for every product purchased.  Bravo DYO+!!

Giselle Swan, Naples

“My Skin Glow is just brilliant. My hair feels healthy and voluminous, my fingernails don't break anymore, and friends keep asking me if I’ve had beauty treatments. I suppose I have! I’ll absolutely keep up with it!”

Mona R.

“I’ve never wanted plastic surgery, so I’ve spent a lot of time searching out natural alternatives for beauty. With My Skin Glow the results have been clear. My skin looks plump and fresh, and as a bonus, I like the taste of the drinks. If this formula continues working the way it has been, I’ll happily keep investing in the monthly packs. To be honest, they cost less than my skin care products do anyway.”

Beth Coughlin

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